Protecting life's
largest investment.

The title and closing process will not only have an affect on how quickly and efficiently you arrive at the closing table, but also protects your investment against potential claims to your rights of ownership in your property.

From Offer to Closing

The title insurance agency you choose will have a profound impact on your ability to close efficiently.

Experience is Everything

With 25+ years’ experience, we know how to navigate complex title and closing issues.

Protection for Generations

Your owner's title insurance policy protects you long after closing extending the same coverage to your heirs.

Experience a Digital Closing

The future is now! From e-notaries to fully remote closings via video conference, where state laws and lenders permit, we are at the cutting edge.

ALTA Best Practices Compliant

The integrity of your transactional experience is our number one priority. That is why we comply with the strictest industry guidelines.

Protection Against Cyber Crime

Wire fraud and phishing attacks are on the rise in real estate closings. Our team will help you navigate the real estate process safely and securely. Remember, never rely or respond to an email with instructions about wiring funds. Pick up the phone and call us


You demand a title and closing partner that you can rely on - every time. Our consistent execution, policies, and standards mean a smooth closing.

Your Local PA and NJ Experts

We are in your town, not thousands of miles away. The laws and procedures for successfully executing a real estate transaction are regional in nature. We know what to do because we live here too.

What is Title Insurance?

Unlike many of the insurance solutions purchased by consumers, Owner’s title insurance requires a one-time premium and offers a lifetime of protection on one of life’s largest assets.

Solutions Title Search Feature

Title starts with a search.

When properties are transferred and title insurance is ordered, a search of the public records is conducted going back in time many, many years. We search the records to verify the legal ownership and to find remaining debts and liens on record against the current and past owners. These encumbrances are cleared by us prior to a new title insurance policy being issued.
Solutions Real Estate Closing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

We guide your transaction to closing.

Your title insurance agency is responsible to see that clear title is conveyed by addressing the outstanding liens of the current and previous owners. We also assist in the compiling of all closing fees, the collection and disbursement of funds and the recording of the closing documents while being dedicated to answering your questions along the way.
Solutions Protected Family with Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you for life.

There are two title insurance policies available at the time you purchase your property. If you have a loan, the lender will require a Loan Policy but you may also opt to purchase an Owner’s Policy. The loan policy will not protect you from future challenges to your ownership but for a small additional one-time premium you can purchase an Owner’s title insurance policy that will protect your financial rights in the property, pay legal fees to defend a claim against your ownership and protect your heirs if they inherit your property…for life.